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We do bulk analysis to reduce the guesswork in finding your golden products and we provide reliable data to give you an edge over the competition.
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Search Management

Time is money. We’re like a personal assistant, but faster. Search, organize and analyze supplier files effortlessly.
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Profit Finder

Hustle Smarter. Our profit finder combs through your supplier files to identify the most profitable products on the market.
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Product Tracker

Outsmart the Competition. Our product tracker looks at historical data, estimation, and insights, allowing you to track the stability and profitability of your favorite products.
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Sellgo helps first time and seasoned Amazon sellers gain market dominance

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Why Sellgo?

Wholesale product sourcing made easy.

Designed by Amazon Sellers. Made for Amazon Sellers. We know the small things that matter to you.

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Easy To Use

Simple. Fast. Effective. Our user interface was built with you in mind.

Real Time

Get real-time results so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Historical Data

Review past trends to determine a product’s profit story.

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FBA High Demand

Capture billions of data points from the Amazon Marketplace.

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Inventory Data

Keep your finger on the pulse of supply, demand, and the competition.

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Insights to get more money into your pocket.

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Our Success Stories

"I like that their profit margin and ROI are more accurate than any other tools I've used before."

David W.

         A really nice platform, the                   visuals are great and I think they nailed it with the custom filters that we can set.

Anna B.

Experienced Wholesaler

          I was sick of having hundreds of            excel files on my computer and not knowing which one's which. Glad I found an online solution and I can just export the final analyzed results.

Marcus H.

Experienced Wholesaler

          I think this makes my life easier.            I can analyze my files in bulk and leave it to process on it's own. Then I can just take a look at the possible profitable products.

Harry B.

Experienced Wholesaler

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