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This program applies to


If you have a community of people that are passionate about our tool and Amazon Wholesale.


If you are passionate about creating courses and educating people about our tool and Amazon Wholesale. 

Content Creator

If you are creating content on youtube or any social media or if you have a blog about our tool and Amazon Wholesale.



Earn commission based earnings monthly.


Get personalized links and coupon codes just for you


Get your own analytics page and monitor your earning progress


Your links are setup to automatically attribute to you


How it works

Apply online

Fill out a simple form online.

Get Approved

When you get approved you will have your own page to monitor your progress

Start Earning

Start sharing your affiliate links and when people use it you will start earning

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sellgo?

We are here to help your business in making the best decisions while selling on Amazon. We are able to analyze your products in bulk and give you insights on each product. This is the simplest way to get a birds eye view of possible future profits.

Is there a limit on my earnings?

No, our program is commission based. As long as you keep sharing you will get your commission. Enjoy earning money with our program

How do I qualify?

Simply submit a form that will be reviewed by our team and you will get notified if you are approved

I am not a seller, can I qualify?

Yes, you don't have to be a seller to be able to join the program. As long as you have a community of people who are interested in using an Amazon research tool.

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