Electronics and/or Photography Expert

Remote position / Expert & Analyst

Are you passionate and knowledgeable about Electronics and/or Photography? Would you enjoy getting paid to chat online about Electronics and/or Photography for a few hours each day? Would you love to connect with other Electronics and/or Photography enthusiasts and help them find high-quality products?


Then we have the job for you. Sellgo is seeking fun, passionate and knowledgeable people to join a new online shopping community where people can chat about Electronics and/or Photography and give suggestions on the best products to buy for Electronics and/or Photography. We will pay you to discuss what you already love!


We'll also be hiring Experts for other online communities, in addition to Electronics and/or Photography. 



* High interest and enthusiasm in Electronics and/or Photography

* Ability to type in online chat for 4-6 hours per day, up to 30 hours per week

* First-hand experience with Health & Fitness that you can share with others

* Empathy with others' experiences, interests, and problems related to Electronics and/or Photography

* Expertise sufficient to give useful suggestions to others about Electronics and/or Photography

* Ability to diligently perform remote work from your location

* Applicable knowledge of a specific product, service, or area of expertise surrounding Electronics and/or Photography

Who you are

* Customer-centric and customer focused

* Adequate written language and communication skills to engage with customers in an effective manner

* contribute to a positive and collaborative shopping experience

* Ability to handle a variety of customer situations

 *Maintain customer accounts and records of customer interactions with details of inquiries, complaints, or comments

*Ensures a safe and secure store environment by addressing issues and situations that impact the safety and security of customers and staff.

Compensation and hours

Sellgo will pay $12 per hour, plus a bonus. We will work with you to plan a work shift that overlaps the normal waking hours in the US Pacific Coast, for somewhere between 4 and 6 hours per day. We will work with you to define what constitutes a "meaningful conversation" with other people in the online community and pay a small bonus per meaningful conversation that you have during the day. We will calibrate the size of the bonus so that the average Expert earns $4 per hour in bonuses.


How to apply

Submit a resume and a sample of your writing. This sample can be your blog, your Twitter feed, an essay that you have written, or any other sample of writing that demonstrates your Qualifications as outlined above.

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