90% of Amazon Sellers never make it to $100,000 in sales

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Start Your Future Million-Dollar Online Business in Minutes.

Transform your manual workflows to a systematic and easy way to accelerate your path to success

Avoid Products with A Bad Story

Closely track millions of data points to reveal how products are ranking, selling and competing against other sellers. Make informed decisions starting today.

Unlock Profits in Batch

You will love having thousands of products' opportunity to analyze instantly. It is super easy and fast.

Streamline the Process to Maximize ROI

Not just profitability, well, yes, but Return On Investment is the tangible win. We help your business build the ultimate win story.

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Finding Profitable Products with Sellgo in 3 Easy Steps


Import your products

Use Search Management to upload your files.
We will validate them instantly.
Upload CSV and XLSX compatibility
Instant Validation with Amazon Catalog
Bulk search/ supplier quick stats
Hit/miss chart
Sorting through files


Sort through your


Leave all the calculations to us. Use advanced filtering features on our Profit Finder to find profitable products.
Custom advanced filtering & sorting
Data Buster for the latest on-the-fly information
Tracking product trends and data over time
Data visualization made to be easy to read
Track a product you found in Amazon
Custom advanced filtering
Sorting function
Data visualization made to be easy to read
Detailed product information
Get realtime Amazon data and analytics
Keepa backed Historical Data


Look at Product History

Every product has a story, looking at its performance over time will give you better insights. Our Product Tracker allows you to do exactly that.


That's It

You now have tons of profitable product. All you need to do now is start ordering the products and start selling them on Amazon

Our Success Stories

"I like that their profit margin and ROI are more accurate than any other tools I've used before."

David W.

         A really nice platform, the                   visuals are great and I think they nailed it with the custom filters that we can set.

Anna B.

Experienced Wholesaler

          I was sick of having hundreds of            excel files on my computer and not knowing which one's which. Glad I found an online solution and I can just export the final analyzed results.

Marcus H.

Experienced Wholesaler

          I think this makes my life easier.            I can analyze my files in bulk and leave it to process on it's own. Then I can just take a look at the possible profitable products.

Harry B.

Experienced Wholesaler


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sellgo?

We are here to help your business in making the best decisions while selling on Amazon. We are able to analyze your products in bulk and give you insights on each product. This is the simplest way to get a birds eye view of possible future profits.

Is there a free trial?

We don’t charge you unless you see the great benefits of our platform transforming your business into a money making machine. Start your 7 day trial for free and make your decision at a later time.

How many products can I process?

On our basic plan, we have a fair use policy of up to 1 million products per month. This should make it effectively unlimited for 99.9% of customers.

How accurate is your data?

We combine Amazon's official data, Keepa data, and our own methods to continuously optimize what we present to you. Our customers love the quality and clarity of our data. The best part is that we are always improving it.

What is the refund policy?

Our goal is for you to have a fantastic experience using our software. If after the trial period you still feel like the money spent is not worth, we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee in our terms of use.

Does Sellgo own the data I upload?

Nope! Your data stays your data. You're letting us use it in order to deliver a service to you. Please read our privacy policy for more info.

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