Product Tracker:

Track, Analyze

and Visualize

Keep tabs of your products over time and visualize the results. Reliable data, every time.

Historical Product Data at Your Fingertips

Every product has a story. We help you avoid the bad ones.

Look at how your potential products perform over time. 

Track Your Products

and Competitors

Monitor the trends and track Amazon buy box price, sales rank, profit, and more.

Filter and Sort

We do all the filtering and sorting so you have a bird’s eye view of the competition.

Visualize and Export 

Our methods are measurable and proven to achieve

the best ROI in Amazon Business. We do the work for

you. You make the profit. It is that simple.

Explore our Wholesale Solution

Sellgo was designed by Amazon sellers and made for Amazon sellers.

That means we know what matters to you the most. 

Track Profits
Track Inventory
Track Review

Monitor a product’s profit story and pick the perfect product for your business.

Pinpoint the best time to start selling a product and increase efficiency in your fulfillment pipeline.

Track reviews to gain insights and make moves to invest in a product or find a different product to sell. 

MAP Analysis

Analyze your competition and identify possible MAP violators.

Visualize & Export

Our intuitive charts give you illustrative visualizations of your data to help you make better business decisions.

Market Share

We provide valuable insights into your competitors and predict your potential market share.

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