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Wholesale UPC list Analysis for Amazon FBA sellers

Instant validation, guaranteed. Get started. 

Calculate potential 
on the fly

In seconds, we help you determine just how much profit you’ll bank and what inventories can earn you the most money.

Filter and Sort

We do all the filtering and sorting so you have a bird’s eye view of the competition.

Data Visualization

We take the numbers and turn them into stunning systematic charts so you can really see your products’ profit potential.

Explore our Wholesale Solution

Sellgo was designed by and made for Amazon sellers.

We know the big and the small things that matter to you. 


Our KPIs are unmatched. Discover the profitability of wholesale products on Amazon with the click of a button. 

Simulate your product sourcing and filter data to isolate specific information.

We provide many different ways you can sort your products’ data so you can see the product’s profitability possibilities. 

FBA High Demand

Real-time information in seconds with easy options for storing and exporting.

Inventory Data

Inventory insight can help you make informed decisions based on supply, demand and market share


When armed with the most accurate data, your business will grow. You can always trust our data. 

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