Sellgo was designed by and made for Amazon sellers. We know the small things that matter to you. 


Want to know how well a wholesale product is selling on Amazon? With Sellgo’s KPIs, you can gain more insight with the push of a button.

Simulate your wholesale product sourcing by filtering what data you want to be displayed. Filters are useful when you want to isolate specific information in a large dataset.

Sorting your products’ data into a meaningful order so that you can analyze it more effectively. For example, you might want to find wholesale products with the highest number of estimated sales.

FBA High Demand

Enjoy real-time information that is delivered immediately after our product analysis. Sellgo’s real-time data computation is very helpful for driving business decisions. It can also be exported for offline data analysis.

Inventory Data

Sellgo helps entrepreneurs avoid wasting time when dealing with manual processes and human errors. 
Sellgo automates all the data capture, analyzes, and refines billions of data points from Amazon to deliver the most accurate data in the industry.


Sellgo’s data is being used to provide insight. Your business, when armed with accurate data, is able to improve the everyday decisions you make.

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