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Our search management tool helps you organize and analyze your search/ supplier files anywhere and anytime.

Upload your supplier file and our tools will determine which products to source in real-time.

Wholesale Sourcing Made Easy

Organize potential
search in pipeline

Streamline supplier leads and track the most

profitable products with ease.

Data Export


Online. Offline. Take your files wherever you go.

Supplier Analytics

Provide insight to supplier products’ availability

and competitiveness in Amazon.

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Sellgo was designed by Amazon sellers and made for Amazon sellers.

That means we know what matters to you the most.


Find the products with the best story. Upload your files and select the most profitable products with precision. 

Save time and make money. Our platform is easy to use, efficient, and fast which means less wasting time and more progress and profitability.

Gain market dominance with our powerful research tools. Monitor competitors inventory and product history to stay ahead of the competition.


We analyze billions of data points from the Amazon Marketplace and deliver insights right to you.


We work with top Amazon FBA sellers to bring the most successful Amazon Business software to you.


Our data comes from Amazon. Our software analyzes everything. You receive digestible analytics to grow your business.

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